Ways To Help Casey's Campaign.

I've been blown away by the response of friends, family, acquaintances, and complete strangers as I've announced my campaign for Mansfield City Council. The overwhelming majority of people have immediately asked, "how can I help?" That's amazing and humbling to me. As we start diving into this campaign over the next few weeks there are many needs and I wanted to give a simple place to point people to so they can help. That's this post.

How to Help Casey Win This Election

The list below is ultimately going to boil down to 3 ways to help me win the election for Mansfield City Council Place 4.

  1. Volunteers.
  2. Donations.
  3. Getting out the vote.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Put a sign in your yard. 
  • Ask a neighbor to put a sign in their yard.
  • Ask a business owner or landowner to put a sign on their property.
  • Deliver yard signs.
  • Pick-up signs after election day.
  • Host a "Meet the Candidate" event at your house, or your HOA meeting, or your Mansfield company.
  • Walk a block in a neighborhood to pass out candidate brochures. Talk to your neighbors.
  • Post, comment, and share on Facebook and Nextdoor.
  • Early voting shifts - during early voting, volunteer to greet voters for 1 hour. No pressure. Just welcome voters and be there should they have a question.
  • Folding, Stuffing, Stamping, and Mailing letters.
  • Calling Casey's database near election day and during early voting to make sure they vote.
  • Set up and tear down at polling locations.
  • Polling location greeter on Election Day. (1 hour shift)

Sign up to volunteer HERE.

Donation Opportunities

I really hate asking for money for my campaign. I hate that it's one of the first responses I give when people ask how they can help. The fact is, running a campaign... a campaign that is successful... requires cash to make it to the finish line and this is a volunteer position. I so very much appreciate the donations that have come in so far. It's been amazing and humbling when people believe in me and my vision for Mansfield so much that they're willing to invest their own money to see that vision come to life. Of course I'll be frugal and diligent in the use of campaign contributions and if you'd like to just make a generic donation, it's appreciated.

But if you'd like to see where your money is going specifically, here's how your donations can help:

$15 donations:

  • Purchases and places 3 signs in yards.
  • Purchases 375 business cards to be handed out.
  • Purchases 50 brochures/flyers to be handed out.
  • Purchases 2 t-shirts to be worn by volunteers when canvassing. (or buy one for yourself)

$30 donations:

  • Purchases 1 large yard sign to be placed on a business property
  • Purchases 6 smaller yard signs to be placed in lawns.
  • Purchases 700 business cards to be handed out.
  • Pays for 1 month of website operating expense.
  • Purchases 1 targeted Facebook ad to Mansfield voters.
  • Purchases 5 t-shirts to be worn by volunteers when canvassing. (or buy one for yourself)

$50 donations:

  • Purchases a campaign banner for polling locations for increased visibility.
  • Purchases 12 yard signs to be placed in lawns.
  • Purchases 150 brochures/flyers to be handed out.
  • Purchases 10 t-shirts to be worn by volunteers when canvassing. (or buy one for yourself)
  • Purchases 1 targeted Facebook or Nextdoor ad to Mansfield voters.

$100 donations:

  • Purchases sponsorships at many local businesses for meet the candidate events.
  • Purchases 25 yard signs to be placed in lawns.
  • Purchases 300 brochures/flyers to be handed out.
  • Purchases 2 campaign banners to be used at meet the candidate events and polling locations.
  • Pays for 3 months of campaign website operating expense.
  • Purchases 2 targeted Facebook ads to Mansfield voters.

$250 donations:

  • Purchases campaign design services such as logo's, brochure's, signs, t-shirts, Facebook ads, etc.
  • Purchases videography and photography services to better communicate with voters.

All donations allow for opportunities to sponsor other events where I can meet voters in an informal setting and allow them to get to know me. These donations could also pay for meals and coffee for volunteers who are canvassing or volunteering time at a polling location. My primary priority for campaign donations is in purchasing marketing material that allows me and volunteers an opportunity to talk with voters and supply them with something in writing about my campaign. After those expenses are covered campaign donations will be used for opportunities to get in front of more people and take care of volunteers who are serving their time to the campaign. Donations will be used wisely and frugally to ensure they make the largest impact possible to the campaign. I'm not going to expense a single $8 lunch at Spring Creek Barbecue to my campaign because I met with 2 voters who had questions. :)

Also, I will be 100% transparent with my campaign finances. My campaign finance report will be published on this website on the same day that I file it with the City Secretary's office. You shouldn't have to file a Freedom of Information Act request in order to view who has donated money to my campaign, how much money I've fundraised, or where I have spent campaign funds. 

Make a Donation To The Campaign Here.

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