Casey Lewis Campaign Finance Report #1

It's one thing to talk about being transparent and bringing another level of transparency to our city government. It's a different thing to actually be transparent. That's why I am immediately releasing my campaign finance reports only an hour after I submitted them to the city secretary's office.

I personally believe that these should be immediately available for the general public to view. Unfortunately in Mansfield if you want to view these reports you must file an Open Records request or candidates have to voluntarily release the information. To save you a trip to City Hall and the cost of paying for an Open Records request, here are my campaign finances from 2/16/2018 (date my campaign started - April 5, 2018).


Donor Summary

26 total campaign donations (1 donation was from my wife) for a total of $2,811.

1 large donation of $1,001 from my real estate brokerage (Cearnal Co, Realtors) as that group of Realtors believes I'm the best candidate to represent individual Mansfield homeowners rights.

Average campaign donation (when removing my wife and the large donation from my brokerage): $73.33

*I'm incredibly proud that these donations are coming from individual homeowners and families and friends, not businesses or developers or people that consistently do business with the city or city council.*


Expense Summary

12 transactions for a total of amount spent of $1,935.97

*I'm humbled that my campaign has gained as much attention as it has on this small of a budget fundraising. I'm focusing resources where it's important and meeting as many people as possible face to face.*


Cash Summary

I currently have $875.03 in campaign contributions available.

*I will need to fundraise a little more to get this campaign across the finish line. There's still a month to go. I haven't hosted a campaign kick off event yet ($500 expense). I don't have any large signs ($400-$500 expense). I don't have any push cards (hand outs for voters at the polls and candidate forums $300 expense). But overall we've managed campaign contributions well and are in a good position to finish the campaign strong.*


*** To help my campaign reach the finish line, consider making a donation by clicking here. ***

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