Casey Lewis Campaign Finance Report #1

It's one thing to talk about being transparent and bringing another level of transparency to our city government. It's a different thing to actually be transparent. That's why I am immediately releasing my campaign finance reports only an hour after I submitted them to the city secretary's office. Continue reading

What are Casey's Thoughts on Apartments in Mansfield?

Over the past few years the growth in apartment housing has become a hot topic in Mansfield. Several years ago some city council members campaigned on the idea of "no new apartment zoning." Then very attractive projects came along that would increase the tax base and provide more opportunities for Mansfield residents so they would vote to approve projects that had a mixed use or a "high end" feel. Over the past decade, our existing city council members have approved more apartment zoning requests than in the entire history of Mansfield. With the growth in Mansfield it's important you know my view on apartments and their future in Mansfield. Continue reading

Ways To Help Casey's Campaign.

I've been blown away by the response of friends, family, acquaintances, and complete strangers as I've announced my campaign for Mansfield City Council. The overwhelming majority of people have immediately asked, "how can I help?" That's amazing and humbling to me. As we start diving into this campaign over the next few weeks there are many needs and I wanted to give a simple place to point people to so they can help. That's this post. Continue reading

The Next 10 Years for Mansfield

I have been publicly critical of a few decisions that our existing city council has made in the recent past. To be honest, I haven't been entirely fair and objective in giving them credit for the great job they have done to make Mansfield a great place to live. When I saw things I didn't like, I got involved and volunteered and served to bring change. I spoke publicly and privately for change. But I also criticized more than I praised. That has been a mistake on my part over the past few years. Like you probably do too, I have some concerns about our growth and some projects happening around town. But it'd be wrong of me to not give credit where credit is due. Continue reading

How Are We Going to Provide Mansfield Homeowners With Property Tax Relief?

It's no secret. Mansfield is an exclusive community with some amazing city services and high property taxes that go along with it. In recent years home values have begun to skyrocket and our property tax bills are skyrocketing along with them. It is possible to provide tax relief for Mansfield Homeowners and here is how that should be accomplished. Continue reading

New Development along Newt Patterson

Last night in the Mansfield City Council meeting, the council had the 3rd and final reading for a new housing development along Newt Patterson and near the Twin Creeks subdivision. Dozens of homeowners showed up in opposition to the project expressing concerns about drainage, loss of wildlife, and traffic congestion. The city council approved the project zoning request with a vote of 6-1. Continue reading

Campaign Announcement

Check out my campaign announcement video to learn more about what I hope to accomplish on the Mansfield City Council. Continue reading