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Who is Casey?

Casey Lewis is the owner of Adventure Year, a local real estate and personal finance education company. He provides residential real estate services to homeowners primarily in the Mansfield ISD area and trains real estate agents nationwide. The company also works with families and small businesses to help them reach their long tLewis_Family_2018-Edited-0099.jpgerm financial goals which include paying off debt, saving for emergencies, investing for retirement, planning for kids college, budgeting, and boosting their income.

Born in Midland, TX, Casey moved to the DFW metroplex in 2004 to attend Dallas Baptist University. There he met his wife, Sara, and they were married in 2006. They have lived with their 2 children in Mansfield ISD since 2007 and moved to the city of Mansfield in 2016.

Casey and his family have been members of the Church on Rush Creek Mira Lagos since 2004, where he plays in the worship band. He also coaches his sons baseball team in the Mansfield Youth Baseball Association. He has served on various committees with Mansfield ISD, including the committees to build the new Intermediate and Middle schools in the South Pointe development. In 2017 Casey was appointed by the Mansfield City Mayor, David Cook, to a committee for development in Historic Downtown Mansfield. He also volunteers time to serve on his local elementary campus and other school organizations.


Why is Casey running for Mansfield City Council?headshot_-_horizontal.png

Mansfield is a "fast growth" city and now the 3rd largest city in Tarrant County. With that rapid growth, Mansfield has begun to change into a town that many longtime residents no longer recognize.

With continuously rising property taxes year after year, major traffic congestion, increased apartment housing, and several recent project mistakes that have cost Mansfield tax payers millions of dollars, Casey felt it was time to become more involved and help successfully manage the growth in Mansfield.

To learn more about what Casey wants to accomplish in his 3 year term on city council view his platform page.


Why is Casey running for Place 4?

The City of Mansfield Council Members serve in an "At Large" capacity, meaning they serve all of the residents of the city rather than just an individual district. The council seats are numbered place 2-7 with the 1st seat reserved for the Mayor. Council members serve a 3 year term. The 2018 general election has 3 seats on the ballot, Place 3, Place 4, and Place 5.

At the time Casey filed for the election Place 3 already had two candidates, Mike Leyman and Brent Parker. Also, Place 5 had two candidates, Tamera Bounds and Julie Short. Place 4 only had one candidate, Darryl Haynes.

In order to win in the general election, a candidate must win 50%+ of the vote. This rarely happens any time there are more than two candidates in a race, which forces a runoff election. A runoff election comes at an increased cost to the city and extends election season by 6 weeks. Avoiding a runoff election if possible is the most fiscally conservative choice.

Place 4 on the Mansfield City Council has been held by Darryl Haynes since 2006 and he is running for his 5th 3-year term. Councilman Haynes has served Mansfield for over a decade and has been a great fixture in the Mansfield community. However his recent voting record as a council member has proven to be against the wishes of many Mansfield residents and cost tax payers millions of dollars.

  • Approved an apartment complex to be built along a residential property line in an overcrowded school attendance zone in a location with already congested traffic.
  • Approved a public/private partnership with the Dallas Stars without voter approval costing tax payers in excess of $15 million.
  • Approved a shortage in funding for the Stars Center at an additional tax payer cost of $3.6 million.
  • Approved a $4 million addition to the Shops at Broad project to secure parking for the Stars Center.
  • Approved the Mansfield City operating budget which has raised most homeowner property tax bills each year since 2014 without providing a homestead exemption to owner occupied residences.

Casey chose Place 4 as the position on the Mansfield City Council that would have the best chance to keep Mansfield as a great place to live and provide the most benefit to individual tax paying homeowners.

Get involved in the campaign by clicking here.

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